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Can you imagine rural women in Madagascar with


Who could they become?


Can you live a day without the internet? 

Before joining NiA, our students, local volunteers and staff in Madagascar have never used tablets, computers or the internet in their lifetime due to the lack of electricity and innovation in our community.

We want to introduce wifi and introduce permanent technology in our facility.



When we install wifi and computers in our facility, our students and the local community will increase their ability to empower themselves. This will increase the quality of the organization to better help our youth. This will also provide service to the community that is still living in a time before the internet.

The 21st Century provides many advantages and resources that are sometimes taken for granted in developed worlds. Developing worlds have the potential to introduce the newest and most sustainable technologies.

We want our students to explore their curiosity, increase their creativity and their capacity to obtain more knowledge through the internet. 

We will train our students to complete their homework on the computer.

How can I participate in Nofy i Androy?​​

Option one:

Donate used electronics such as old but functioning laptops, tablets, cell phones or anything from our wish-list.

Option two:

Don't have a technology but talented?

Join Club Nofy i Androy and volunteer to teach your technical skills to our community in Madagascar as part of our new program which started in 2018.

Option three:

If you have a project proposal that supports NiA's mission,

Please send us:

1. a project proposal

2. your CV/Resume at

Option four:

Spread the word to your loved ones and the public.

Volunteer and increase your leadership skills.

Donate what you can! A little can go a long way.

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