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more than 50% of Nalagasy children under 5 years old suffer from chronic malnutrition

Are you pregnant? Did you know if you don't maintain a full diet your baby is at risk of being preterm and developing many growth problems not only physically but also mentally. To prevent this from happening you need to make sure you incorporate each of these essential nutrients in your daily diet.

Folic acid


Vitamin D

Vitamin B12

Essential Oils

Eat rice, pasta,

spinach, lettuce, papaya and

the baby with have normal brain and spine development!

Eat beans,

meat, seafood, peanuts,

and your baby will get enough protein to grow!

Eat rice, oats and

berries to support your

baby's nervous system!

Be in the sun a lot and

drink dairy products, 

eat seafood, oranges and

papaya for your baby to have strong bones!

Eat avocados and nuts!


Drink whole milk or coconut milk. This is important for your Vitamin D intake! 

Vitamin A

Eat grapefruit, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, watermelons to help your baby develop healthy organs! 

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